Beach hair

Beach hair


With the arrival of summer imminent, maintaining and looking after your hair in the sun is as important as your skin protection. If you have colour on your hair.. nothing strips the colour out faster than sun, sea water or a chlorinated swiming pool. Be sure to sure to rinse your hair with fresh water, moisture and if possible use a leave in conditioner.


There is an abundance of protective sprays and de-clorinating shampoo’s on the market.


If you’re looking to achieve that “beach hair-look” then keep a look out for “Sea salt spray” (Toni & Guy). Just spray into your hair to build up the textured feel.



Have a great holiday !

BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl BaByliss Pro MiraCurl

Babyliss pro curl

Babyliss pro curl

The hot ,new,  must have gadget has hit the market which will surely revolution they way we curl  hair..

Like GHD did for straightening , Babyliss have done for the curl. sure to be a hit with hairdressers and consumers alike. Check it out here

The BaByliss Curl Secret has pioneering Auto Curl™ technology to effortlessly create beautiful, free-flowing curls with long-lasting effect.  Hair is automatically drawn gently into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and gently heated from all directions to form a curl.  Simply release the styler from the hair to reveal the perfect curl. With 2 heat settings and 3 timer settings for different curl effects and an automatic curl direction for a natural finish.

Professional blow dryers

Professional blow dryers

In this post we go over some of the top blow dryers on the market today. All important is the amount of power they produce and  variable heat settings.

We have selected some of the market leaders to help give you an overview, should you be looking to buy or upgrade..

Bridal Updos

Bridal Updo’s

Russian hairdressers have an incredible thirst for knowledge and a talent for learning. In side their hair colleges they learnt some classic old school hairdressing which never stopt to amaze me at the level of competence some of them have.

Here in this video we can see the talent..

Enjoy !


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